22:56 UTC+2

We are extremely happy to finally announce the release date for our next expansion (UTC).

With this expansion, we’re taking a big step forward in the development of our server as it provides the perfect opportunity for anyone to join Apex! It empowers newcomers (and returning players!) by improving the beginner gear, new methods of light-farming, new quests, and new items. All of this enables everyone to put up a fair fight and enjoy the server to the fullest!

What’s coming with this expansion?

1) UTC event – it’s completely scripted and rewards include Secret Armor, Best-in-Slot Weapons, and materials to make both – simply participating in the event already gets you rewards, whether you’re solo or in a party!

2) Improved Beginner Gear: enables you to get right in the action!

3) Addition of “Spirit of Logos” in CZ: giving you something extra to hunt;

4) Improved CSW rewards: all that effort needs to be properly rewarded;

5) Monthly rewards for our top 4 ladder rank players:  5 days of Darkness Weapons and Holy Armors;

6) Increased drop rate on Super Shells, and farming of Rosetta Armors;

7) Mage damage increase;

8) Offline merchants: no need to leave your computers on anymore to hustle Moradon;

9) 5 days of Cospre items (Valkyrie, pathos, etc) as a gift for new accounts;

10) One time opportunity to name change for free (expires in 24 hours);

We’d also like to express our appreciation to all our supporters and the countless messages we receive daily asking for a new opportunity to join our server and say that this is your chance!

Ever wished to join Apex but were scared of being unable to put up a fight as a newcomer?
Now is the perfect time to join our great community – the improved beginner gear put’s you right at the gates to start kicking ass, and enables you to participate in everything the server has to offer, right out of the box!