Apex Gaming: Unupgradable Pads of Trial(+6) - Item
21:28 UTC+2

Unupgradable Pads of Trial(+6)
(Set Item)
Priest Armor
Weight : 10.00
Max Durability : 15937
Defense Ability : 115
Health Bonus : 10
Required Strength : 102
Required Dexterity : 10
Required Magic Power : 10
Required Intelligence : 172
Unupgradable Pauldron of Trial
Unupgradable Pads of Trial
Unupgradable Helmet of Trial
Unupgradable Gauntlets of Trial
Unupgradable Boots of Trial
Item Grade : High Class
Cannot be traded, sold or stored

This item is dropped by...

This item is not dropped by any NPCs or monsters.

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