Apex Gaming: Unupgradable Helmet of Trial(+7) - Item
19:47 UTC+2

Unupgradable Helmet of Trial(+7)
(Set Item)
Priest Armor
Weight : 7.50
Max Durability : 16937
Defense Ability : 92
Health Bonus : 12
Required Strength : 102
Required Dexterity : 12
Required Magic Power : 12
Required Intelligence : 168
Unupgradable Pauldron of Trial
Unupgradable Pads of Trial
Unupgradable Helmet of Trial
Unupgradable Gauntlets of Trial
Unupgradable Boots of Trial
Reverse item
Cannot be traded, sold or stored

This item is dropped by...

This item is not dropped by any NPCs or monsters.

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