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Dear Apexians,

We'll finally be launching our very first newcomer event, starting RIGHT NOW!
Everyone, new and old, can (re)start with a great gift package bound to get you (back) up to speed in no time.

The level 83 expansion is coming soon, so be sure take advantage of these great gifts while supplies last!

Don't know how to claim the code? Check this guide out!

The package includes the following:

  • 3 days of GOLD premium (equivalent to EXP premium, minus the ability to use EXP flashes)
  • 3 days of Cospre armor (HP)
  • 3 days of Pathos Gloves x2 (attack)
  • 3 days of Wings (HP)
  • 60 scrolls of the following
    • 1500 HP
    • 300 AC
    • ATK+
    • Speed-Up
  • 1000 HP potions
  • 1000 MP potions
  • 20 hours of genie

Remember, it's never too late to join, so call your friends, family, and rivals to join NOW!

~The Apex Gaming team.


Apex Forever | NEW SERVER

Apex Forever OFFICIAL

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