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Thanks to the MyNameIs clan, here's some footage for all of you to enjoy!



Apex KO PvP Beta Launch

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It's been a busy day so far, but we've launched. :-)

Slight recap of today's happenings (spread out over the ~18 hours since it's launched):

  • Server launched (~10min late, as we were doing some last minute testing).
  • Encountered people having login/registration issues because they were registering on our alpha server. Later found out that it was our fault, as the link in the thread was pointing there. We redirected alpha to beta, and merged in most of the accounts registered on alpha before fixing the link itself.
  • Encountered a crash related to height map lookups & promptly fixed it.
  • Encountered an issue relating to most monsters refusing to spawn in Moradon. While we were diagnosing it, Dogamon their spawns up to help players level. Initial attempt at resolving this didn't help much on beta (but cleared up the issue locally), but later we fixed it properly.
  • Fixed some other trivial issues; range checks on party rewards, (multiple) character deletions, some quests not responding, Kurian/Porutu not being able to equip warrior armour, rogues not getting rebirthable armour from the [Gear Dispenser] NPC, NP charging not functioning on Karus-side, transformations, 7 key quest, NP gain/loss in the Abyss. Also a couple of trivial crashes caused by recent changes that were encountered in this time, but nothing too serious.

Aside from the crashes (which were mostly recent, trivial oversights, aside from one old one that was written off back in early alpha as being caused by something else [the only issue to be written off as such, so it's nice that's taken care of!]), there's been nothing too serious we've needed to address.

So all things considered, a pretty good launch thus far!

We really appreciate everyone jumping in-game and helping us test, you guys really are amazing. Thank you again to everybody helping us test. :-)


In preparation for beta, we've setup Zendesk as our support system as we find it integrates well with our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter), as well as accepting e-mails from our support address ([email protected]), and generally makes life all that much easier.

You can access it via the "Support" menu at the top,, or directly via if you happen to encounter issues (note that we're still somewhat refining it to a point where we consider it friendly to use, but it's pretty friendly out of the box).

Please be aware that if you've ever clicked on the Support link at any time in the past, it will most likely redirect you to the forums -- this was a slight misconfiguration on our part (permanent redirect instead of temporary), causing browsers to cache the redirect. Unfortunately, to fix this, you need to reset your browser's cache. Sorry for the inconvenience caused there, fingers crossed it doesn't affect too many people.

In addition to support being added, you may notice we've also switched the site over to SSL. This improves account security tenfold, as it kills off the remaining vector for man-in-the-middle attacks. Unfortunately, this does tend to have an issue with extremely old browsers (Internet Explorer 6, and possibly 7), so if you're using a browser this old, we recommend upgrading. Not just for us, but because these browsers provide such a poor web experience in general. On behalf of all web developers everywhere, please update your browser! :-)



Hey guys,

A day and a half left until the beta launch! To ensure everyone makes it on time (ugh, timezones!), here's a simple countdown you can refer to instead:

(edit: it has launched!)

In regards to the client, we haven't yet updated the page with the beta client. We'll do that within a few hours, and let you guys know when that's the case.

If you don't wish to wait, or you've already downloaded it, the existing alpha client will still be compatible, however you may experience a visual effect bug that can only be fixed via the fully updated beta client (at this time, anyway. We're working on that to avoid future such issues).

What I do feel I need to mention, however, is for the beta launch we're expecting a considerable number of players. This is vital for helping us stress-test the server (so if you have friends who aren't going to bother until official, if you can even get them just logging in just for the beta launch, that'd be very much appreciated!).

What this means is, while we're hoping for otherwise, we're fully prepared for a rocky start. This shouldn't be a deterrance; we've done all we can in anticipation of a heavy load, and have tested it pretty thoroughly thus far (via alpha testing, our own private testing, and our own stress tests with 'bot' sessions), so now all's left is seeing how it plays out and adjusting things as needed.

If the worst comes to worst (it's just as likely it won't!), and there is a bit of down-time at launch, this is nothing but a good thing: it saves us from encountering these issues at official, when it really matters, and helps us to know what to expect and better prepare for official. If this does happen, we hope you'll stick around for as much time as you can spare (even just simply being ingame), to help us ensure everything's on-track for official, as it would help us immensely!

With that out of the way, hope to see you all there at the launch!

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