15:37 UTC+2

Hey guys,

A day and a half left until the beta launch! To ensure everyone makes it on time (ugh, timezones!), here's a simple countdown you can refer to instead:

(edit: it has launched!)

In regards to the client, we haven't yet updated the page with the beta client. We'll do that within a few hours, and let you guys know when that's the case.

If you don't wish to wait, or you've already downloaded it, the existing alpha client will still be compatible, however you may experience a visual effect bug that can only be fixed via the fully updated beta client (at this time, anyway. We're working on that to avoid future such issues).

What I do feel I need to mention, however, is for the beta launch we're expecting a considerable number of players. This is vital for helping us stress-test the server (so if you have friends who aren't going to bother until official, if you can even get them just logging in just for the beta launch, that'd be very much appreciated!).

What this means is, while we're hoping for otherwise, we're fully prepared for a rocky start. This shouldn't be a deterrance; we've done all we can in anticipation of a heavy load, and have tested it pretty thoroughly thus far (via alpha testing, our own private testing, and our own stress tests with 'bot' sessions), so now all's left is seeing how it plays out and adjusting things as needed.

If the worst comes to worst (it's just as likely it won't!), and there is a bit of down-time at launch, this is nothing but a good thing: it saves us from encountering these issues at official, when it really matters, and helps us to know what to expect and better prepare for official. If this does happen, we hope you'll stick around for as much time as you can spare (even just simply being ingame), to help us ensure everything's on-track for official, as it would help us immensely!

With that out of the way, hope to see you all there at the launch!


In preparation for the upcoming beta, we have ordered & migrated our data over to the new servers we'll be using for beta.
As a result, you may encounter some unintended bugs with the website.

In all likelihood they'll be dealt with shortly, however - just in case we happen to miss them - we'd very much appreciate it if you could submit a bug report on our forums so that we're made aware of them.

Thanks for your patience, and we're looking forward to seeing you all here at the beta launch! :-)


Hey guys,

Apex KO's beta will be launched on the 24th of April, more detailed information down below and on the forums!

Apex KO BETA – 24th of April 20:00 UTC+3  (Turkey), 12:00 UTC-5 (Peru), 13:00 UTC-4 (New York), 10:00 UTC-7 (San Francisco), 25th 01:00 UTC+8 (Beijing), 25th 03:00 UTC+10 (Sydney)

Rewards are there for EVERYONE!

Leveling rewards : (determined by your highest level character at the end of BETA)
Reaching level 60 : Beta Tester title
Reaching level 70 : Gladiator XP scroll
Reaching level 80 : Trina’s Piece
Reaching level 83 : EXP Premium (7 days)

These rewards STACK, so reaching level 80 gets you a trina’s piece, gladiator scroll, and beta tester title!

Bug reporting rewards: (first come, first claimed!)
Most severe bug : tailored to the gravity of the bug
Most bugs reported : EXP premium (30 days)
Second most bugs reported : Valkyrie or Gryphon or Bahamut package
Third most bugs reported: Pathos Gloves package
Smaller bugs: 1 of a variety of PUS items or 25-100 KC (depending on gravity of the bug)

Events run in first weekend (24th, 25th, 26th) :
24th of April :

- 100 Apex Points for logging in and claiming your reward at the reward NPC! (ONLY ON 24!)
- 25 Apex Points FOR EACH EVENT completed! (Chaos, BDW)
- Possibly a Dark Lunar War a few hours after the start of BETA

25th of April :
- 25 Apex Points for EACH EVENT completed! (Forgotten Temple, Chaos, BDW)
- Bifrost will be run
- Lunar War (with invasion) will be run

26th of April:
- 25 Apex Points for EACH EVENT completed! (Juraid, Chaos, BDW)
- Lunar war (with invasion) will be run
- Castle Siege war – with 50 Apex Points for each member of the winning clan!

You will be able to continue leveling throughout the week and claim those leveling rewards.

2nd weekend (1st, 2nd, and 3rd of May) will have more events and opportunities to earn rewards – more on this after the first weekend has ended!


Hey guys,

We've made the decision to turn off registration for open alpha (most existing accounts still have access), as at this stage we're fairly done with alpha testing.

We still have some work to do, as you can tell from our issue tracker, but stay tuned for our beta announcement, which will come after we've finally finished up with the remaining issues.

Thanks for all of your help thus far in improving the server, we really appreciate it.



Hi everyone,

We'll be transitioning into the second stage of our alpha testing, which will open on the 5th of December 2014 11 AM CEST (GMT +1).

For this stage we'll be making the following changes:

  • - Players start at level 83 (with all skills unlocked)
  • Players will start with a variety of items for their class
  • Players will start with 720k NP
  • Upgrading has been disabled (except for reverse unlocking)

During this stage we'd mostly like to get your feedback on PvP and PvE damage.

Furthermore, as the alpha is now open to everyone, be sure to hustle your friends for some PKing to have some great fun!

We hope to see you all in the…

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