01:08 UTC+2
Newcomer event!


Dear players,

On the 29th of January 2016 we will be launching our very own newcomer event!

What will be provided to the newcomers?

New characters will :

- Start at level 60, and will be mastered

- Receive free starter gear which consists of (+7) Chitins and (+7) High-class weapons


On top of that, every account (new and old) will be able to claim the beginner package, inside it you'll find :

- Cospre Armor (Valkyrie, Bahamut, Gryphon) package

- Oreads Fairy (automatically picks up loot within 5m)

- Alencia Wings

- Package of HP and MP potions (1000 each)

- Platinum Premium

- Scroll package (1500 HP, 300 AC, Scroll of Attack, Speed-Up Potion)


Furthermore, to make it easier for those that are just starting out, the [Mercenary Officer] will now rent you Shells (+7) and High-Class weapons (+7) for a duration of 6 hours for only 500k coins!


Be sure to check us out!